Dubai Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

The Dubai Desert Safari is open 24 hours a day. But first, let's talk about some interesting facts about the morning desert safari. Early Morning Desert Safari Dubai is usually reserved for those who prefer to spend the day in the peace, quiet, and serenity of the exciting Safari Desert. Desert Safari is known for its high dunes, which make it an ideal desert around Dubai for adventure seekers.

Morning Desert Safari is the best tour for those who want to start their day off right with all of the best activities available. This tour is ideal for those who want to experience the thrills of a Desert Safari in a short amount of time.

A morning desert safari will provide you with an aesthetically pleasing view due to the cold wind breezes and clear sky. You can also see the beautiful sunrise if you go a little earlier, like before sunrise. The morning desert safari is fun because the desert is less crowded in the morning.

Morning desert safaris are appropriate for all age groups, group sizes, and interests, and provide an authentic experience that will stay with you long after your vacation is over.

This article will teach you everything you need to know about the exciting combination of morning desert safaris in Dubai.

What to expect on a morning desert safari?

The desert safari visit during the morning is the most enjoyable part of your trip. During the morning desert safari visit, you can participate in all of the exciting activities. Our luxurious 4*4 cruise pick-up and drop-off service will pick you up from your hotel and whisk you away to the desert safari in no time. You can also take a tour of the entire desert safari with our tour guides, who will provide you with detailed information about the area.

During the morning safari, your children will be enthralled to see the incredible wildlife they have only seen in movies and documentaries. The desert safari's wildlife exhibition is only open during the day and features animals from all over the world.

Morning desert safaris begin at 7or 8 a.m. Your driver will collect you from your hotel in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, or the Port Rashid cruise terminal and transport you to the desert. The adventures begin once you reach the red dunes.

The driver flattens the tire on your 4WD Land Cruiser and prepares for the day's most exciting activity, Dune Bashing. After sliding and slipping on the massive dunes, you try sand boarding, quad biking, and a camel ride.

By the time you've finished all of your adventures, the sun is scorching, and it's time to get back into your vehicles and head back to your hotel.

What makes a Morning desert safari in Dubai so memorable?

The vastness of the Arabian Desert, rich experiences amid dunes, and a variety of exciting activities daily make a desert safari in Dubai an unforgettable experience.

Morning Desert Safari in Dubai includes a number of activities. If we talk about the activities that can be enjoyed on a morning desert safari, they are as follows:

1.  Sunrise – Observe the sun rising over the dunes.

The great Arabian Desert is best visited at dawn, when the Sun shines brightest and appears largest near the horizon. Take in the golden splendor and bask in its majesty. In the desert, the morning is unquestionably the most photogenic time of day.

2. Arabian Desert dune bashing.

An exciting activity of the best desert safari in Dubai is a morning jeep safari ride in a 4x4 SUV through the vast Arabian Desert and the gusty wind and sand. Typically, the jeep will pick you up from the camp and take you on a thrilling 30-minute ride.

3. Camel safari - Take a stroll through the desert.

Camel safari is a morning desert safari in Dubai that takes you on an exciting 45-minute ride. Ride the camel convoy through the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve to see the desert wildlife. The falcon demonstration is another highlight of the camel desert safari.         

4. Sand skiing - Enjoy the thrill of riding through the desert sand.

Sand skiing is an exciting adventure sport that is unique to Dubai's continuous sand stretch. There are a few dunes that reach heights of 200-300 meters and are ideal for sand skiing. As you speed down, feel the sand under your skis.  That's the ultimate in desert fun!

4.  Quad biking – Ride like a pro

One of the most thrilling activities available on a Morning desert safari is riding a quad bike in the Arabian Desert. Quad biking is ideal for those looking for adventure on a Dubai tour because it allows you to ride around the curves and explore the desert like a pro.

5. Hot air ballooning - A breath-taking ride over the Arabian Desert

A hot air balloon safari provides an incredible 360-degree view of the vast Arabian Desert. The hot air balloon, which can carry up to 24 people, causes an adrenaline rush as it drifts high in the air, offering spectacular views.

Morning Desert Safari Timing:

Desert Safari Dubai opens at 7 a.m. The activities and games available during the day are somewhat different from those available at night, which means you can spend the majority of your day enjoying the exciting range of games and activities available. You can begin your day most romantically and exotically possible by watching the sunrise. Watching a burning gem emerge from the velvety sand mountains of Arabia is undoubtedly one of the best ways to start your day.

The morning desert safari is always a fun place to visit, especially if you have children with you. Starting with the clean and poised environment found on a desert safari in the morning. You won't find it anywhere else.

The serenity and proximity to Mother Nature attract and calm your heart. You can eat your breakfast there and spend the first meal of the day with your family. Because the temperature during the day is nearly 41 degrees Fahrenheit. It is best to visit the desert safari between September and March.


  • Transfers will be available if you selected
  • Adventurous 4x4 desert dune driving
  • Sandboarding (Will have additional Charges)
  • Camel Riding (If demanded)
  • Quad Biking (If demanded)


  • Pick-up from areas other than Dubai hotel will be available. But will have  additional charges
  • Lunch will be excluded from the Morning safari
  • This tour is not recommended for pregnant women or guests with backache


  • Cancellation within 24 hours of tour departure time, there will be full charges
  • Payment refunds will be done in 7 business days
  • Entry will be free for children under 2 years of age
  • Adult rates will be applicable for children above 10 years