Musandam Dibba Tour

The best Desert Safari

Musandam Dibba Tour

Tour that Includes Sand and Sea

This desert safari tour of Musadnam-Dibba has enough variety to suit the most finicky traveler. Desert sands as richly colored as freshly ground cinnamon are just one of the sights to be seen. The most beautiful way to see the heart and soul of this area is to take a tour. Due to the location on the Musadnam Peninsula, the rich cerulean blue water and the cliffs beg to be explored. Tropical fish and exotic species of sea life can be found here. The area is well known for dolphin watching, as there are several pods living in the waters, their gray sleek bodies and whistles adding to the excitement of exploring.

Snorkeling is fantastic here, due to the clearness of the water, shifting from blue to aqua and a mysterious shade of green, depending on where the coral formations have grown. There are underwater sinkholes that entice experienced deep-sea divers into their darkened waters while others like to swim in the waters where the Persian Gulf and Arabian Sea nearly mingle. The combination of rock formations along cliffs and the water ranging from dark blue to shades of dark green invite swimmers and the smaller boats are in use for exploring shallower areas where larger craft are not able to go. The weather and sunlit water are the largest draws across the region.

Norway of Musandam

One of the nicknames for this area is the Norway of the Musandam Peninsula because of the deep sheltered bays like fjords that local fishermen use to find shelter from the storms. Like the fjords in Norway, these are narrow and deep, with places where fish like to hide. Fishing here is one of the reasons the travel industry is growing. Desert safaris usually take advantage of the opportunity to have fresh fish as well as local dishes served with traditional Arabic coffee and teas. This desert safari is one of the best ways to discover and enjoy this part of the world, rich in experiences and the lure of clear waters and unknown sands.

 Musandam Dibba Tour

Tour Duration : 9 Hours

Tour Service : Daily / Morning

Pick Time : 08:00 to 08:15 AM
Drop Off Time : 04:45 to 05:00 PM

Per Child :: ( 3 to 10 ) 300 AED $82 £54
Per Adult ::  350 AED $95  £65


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